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For individuals, families, and organizations, professional success and personal fulfillment now require a whole new mind.  - Daniel Pink

Grant Writers for the Arts improves the creation and production of artistic works of children in grades K-8, and contributes to community organizations that engage the academic advancement of those children. Our mission is to expand opportunity for the people of Ohio to participate in a vibrant, successful and inclusive society.
Grant Writers for the Arts, an Ohio pioneer, established the Foundation in 2011 to re-grant to after-school programs that support cultural arts and music instruction. Our strategy brings our community into alignment with our mission to expand opportunity for the people of Ohio, and offers college interns and community fellows an opportunity to make personal investments into restructuring its communities through advocacy and education. Since 2011, the Foundation is focused on the objectives of its founder by providing more than $10 million in grants to over 200 nonprofit organizations across the state.

The guiding principle in all our grantmaking is the idea of expanding opportunity for our youth, which focuses on  helping students build a strong foundation for high school and academic career success. In the Arts, it is fostering creativity and nurturing a rich cultural environment. Our Ohio program, advances effective public policy decision making that is reflective of, and responsive to all Ohioians.

Our Goals: Expanding Opportunity for the Youth of Ohio

In pursuing our mission, we are guided by the following goals:

  • Advance the educational and economic prospects of low-income Ohioians to share in and create Ohio's prosperity.
  • Engage a broad cross section of Ohioians in the civic and cultural life of their communities and the state.
  • Enhance mutual understanding and communication among diverse racial, ethnic and socioeconomic groups.
  • Enrich the state's intellectual and creative environment.

Community Building Grant Writers promote a vibrant and inclusive artistic and cultural environment in Ohio

Re-Granting Opens Doors to Cultural Arts and Music Instruction for Youth

Fellowships | Internships
GWA grants college students, artist  and musicians, access to academic experiences in the context of community-based problems associated with cultural arts and music instruction for K-8.
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